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"Very pleased, I feel safe with the staff" (Client)

"It's very difficult to improve a service
as good as this."

"My respite worker is wonderful with my mother. I couldn't have anyone better." (Client)

"...care and treatment was planned and delivered in a way that was intended to ensure people's safety and welfare." (CQC Report 2013)

"Age UK is excellent, they really provide good training."
(Staff member)

"I would just like you to know how grateful I am when your lovely ladies take my husband out for a few hours and I can meet up with my friends."

"We have gained every trust in Christine especially the professional but friendly, caring way she handles mum in
awkward situations."


"Well done on making such a great service so individual."


"I think this is the best job in the world. I go out to bless and be blessed myself." (Staff member)


"...people receive support in a way
that meets their needs and promotes their safety."
(CQC Report 2013)


"Harry has been a godsend to Dad. He so looks forward to his visits and we really appreciate the service you give." (Client)


"I think it's a very good service, the carers are all approachable and you can have a laugh with them."


"...staff regularly refreshed their understanding and knowledge in a range of topics which included, first aid, safeguarding vulnerable adults from abuse, fire awareness, health and safety, food hygiene, infection control and medication awareness.
(CQC Report 2013)


"I keep my respite visits upbeat; laughter is an important part of our time together." (Staff member)


Paying for homecare

There are several ways that your care
can be paid for:

• You can pay us directly for the service
You can either pay from your own income or your representative (often another family member) may pay for you.

• You may be able access funding from your local authority.
You can ask your local authority for an assessment of your needs to establish whether you are entitled to help that is funded in part or in full by them. This assessment is usually carried out in your own home and you can have a family member or friend with you when it happens.

If you are eligible for support, your income and savings will be taken into account and may mean that you will be expected to contribute towards the cost of services/support you use. Your local authority may offer you the option that they choose and pay us directly for your care needs; alternatively they may offer you a cash budget which means you can choose who provides your care and you pay them directly from the cash budget.

• You may be able to access care funded by the NHS
If you are living in the community with a complex and on-going health condition, you may be eligible for ‘NHS Continuing Healthcare’. Where this is the case, NHS will pay us directly for your care meaning that it will be free of charge to you.

If you are going to pay us directly using your own funds, or with a cash budget from the local authority, we will need you to complete a Direct Debit Instruction. This is the easiest way to pay and means that you’ll know that your account is always paid on time. We will send you an invoice 10 days before the direct debit payment is due so you are always aware of the amount in good time. You can download our Direct Debit form by clicking here. Alternatively, we can provide you with the form when we visit you to assess your support needs.

If your support is being paid for by a local authority or the NHS, they arrange payment directly with us. If they are asking you to contribute towards the cost of your care, they will advise directly about how to do this.


The range of funding options can be confusing to older people and their relatives. We offer a free, impartial and confidential Information and Advice service that can help you to find your way through the funding maze. We may also be able to help you to access other benefits to which you are entitled, not all of which are means tested, and this may be another way to help fund the care and support you need to live safely and independently in your chosen home setting.

If you would like to talk to someone about how you might fund your care or work out if there are benefits to which you are entitled, please call our Information and Advice team on 0116 299 2278 between 11am and 4pm on weekdays.


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